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Are You Ready For Some Football? Part 2

Me: " Karl sent me this list of acceptable soccer teams. It's a list of all the Premier League teams in London."
Emma: "Why London."
Me: "I have no idea. I've never been to London, myself. But it was very important to him. It's too bad. I wanted to root for West Bromwich Albion."
Emma: "Why?"
Me: "It's fun to say."
Me and Emma: "West Bromwich Albion! West Bromwich Albion! West Bromwich Albion!"
Random English co-worker: (soft, disembodied voice coming over the cube wall) "You're pronouncing it wrong."
Me: "You say something?"
Emma: "Nope."
RECW: "You're pronouncing it wrong. It's not BROM-wich."
Emma: "Oh? How should we pronounce it?"
RECW: "Like BROM-ich."
Me: "That's not near as fun to say. Now I don't feel bad at all."
Tags: emma, karl, recw, soccer, solies

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